Cold Storage & Distribution

Over the last few years, the growing demand for fresher and higher quality products has caused a tremendous rise for the need of more cold storage and distribution plants. In addition, better preservation methods and better environments in the distribution between manufacturers, processing plants and retail locations are vital for the successful maintenance and refrigeration of perishable products. At UES Refrigeration we offer a wide array of solutions in commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment that enables cold storage facilities including large and small warehouses to operate in a safe, controlled, and ideal environment depending on the types of products and the requirements dictated in the food industry. Our cold storage solutions include a variety of metal finishes, and features such as wall and ceiling panels, floor panels, corner panels that offer maximum rigidity and strength, in-fitting swing doors, overlap swing doors and ripening doors among others. We work closely with each of our customers to identify and determine the best refrigeration options to guarantee the successful operations of their businesses, and to ensure optimum conservation of their stored items until they reach their final destination.