Industrial Refrigeration

At Universal Equipment Suppliers Inc., we specialize in providing solutions for industrial refrigeration systems. We are a service-focused company that strives to deliver long-term and durable options for our customers depending on the particular needs dictated by their facilities, environments and products. At UES our team listens, understands priorities, and visions and carefully evaluates our customer’s operational processes as well as the conditions of their workspaces, in order to provide effective solutions that will meet their business goals and financial objectives. Since 1995 UES Refrigeration has earned a leading position in the industry and a reputation for being one of the few companies that can engineer, plan, manufacture, install and service any refrigeration equipment conceivable. Solutions that range from cooling systems, cold storage in a variety of metal finishes, air and water-cooled condensing units, chillers, low noise and low vibration emission compressors, fluid coolers and custom products are just a few of the numerous options we have available for our valued customers. No matter how simple or how challenging a project may be, our team’s priority is to provide our customers with the best possible service.