Meat Processing Plants

Meat production continues to grow to meet the demand for fresh, quality, and great looking products both locally and internationally. With so many options for safe refrigeration methods and systems, today it is easier to process, transport and ship meat products worldwide, but it is important to keep in mind that meat handling requires extremely hygienic conditions, controlled temperatures and safety standard compliance dictated by the USDA and other regulating entities. For almost two decades, Universal Equipment Suppliers Inc., has dedicated its efforts in assisting the food industry, especially meat processing plants, to maintain optimal conditions to handle, store and preserve their products before they reach consumers. Our refrigeration systems and technologies are guaranteed to deliver precise temperatures and temperature control in facilities ranging from small to large, including warehouses, processing plants and distribution centers. Our high-performance products are available in a variety of sizes, with different applications and features that offer great insulation, corrosion resistance, proper sealing, rigidity, all to ensure reliable refrigeration and freezing solutions for any products made from beef and pork, including fresh, cooked, or ready to serve meals.