Cooling Towers

Universal Equipment Suppliers distributes top of the line cooling towers in a variety of sizes, designs and for different applications. Our team has the experience, technology, and resources to assist our customers find the best option to their needs and to meet their requirements and specifications. Factors that can determine the size, type and necessary performance of a cooling tower may include thermal performance condition, location, elevation, and climatic conditions of the site where the tower(s) will be placed, physical preferences or limitations, which include both the size and configuration of the tower(s), emission restrictions, including sound level, drift rate, water consumption and visibility, as well as other economic factors. Our company offers a variety of options that include custom built cooling towers designed to satisfy from the simplest to the most complex requirements and applications. We offer durable, low noise, flexible, fire retardant fiberglass or treated wood, low maintenance, low-pressure water, high efficiency, and low drift emission, among others.